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AARP, Verizon & Comcast; keeping ’em honest.


I’ve been in marketing for a long time. My bullshit detector is well honed, but even I get ripped off. The biggest shock was getting ripped off by one of the organizations I trusted most.


Love the tagline. Let me just say there is a real possibility you’re getting screwed by someone they recommend.

I haven’t had health insurance since I lost all due to Lyme disease; but AARP recommended Delta Dental. AARP recommending something is like being at Grandma’s knee, with her loving, gnarled hand on the top of your head. If they recommend a type of insurance, I’m gonna act on trust.

I had Delta Dental for years. My teeth are well maintained, but I needed work. Unfortunately, I couldn’t afford it because I was paying Delta Dental $640 a year.

One day I’m lying back in the big chair after having my teeth cleaned. The hygienist asked me when I wanted to have recommended work done; I said I’d have to wait because of finances. That’s what I always say.

Only this time my dentist walked up and quietly suggested I do the math on my insurance. I took a closer look at the plan and it was saving me zero money. The money I was sending to Delta Dental could have been going into actual care. My teeth would be in much better shape if I hadn’t spent my money on insurance that’s a LIE.

When I cancelled, they were obstinate. They said “you do realize if you cancel, it will be months before you can reapply.” Clearly the woman on the phone had no idea she was working for a predatory company.

So eff you Delta Dental. Now this next one … Verizon.

We know we’re getting screwed, but what can we do about it?

I always tend to live at the edge of society, where towers are as rare as good reception. Verizon is the only game in my almost-town.

I’ve been swapping from lesser minutes to more minutes depending on the amount of time I spend on the phone. I HATE talking on the phone, but I need it for business and I need(ed) it for mom. Well, we’re no longer speaking. (Read the previous post.)

No sooner did I lower my plan than I got a new client on the west coast; my minutes were going to go over the top. I had to hurry and change my plan back. (Imagining Lucy at the chocolate factory … feeling like a moron.) They would find a way to stick it to me in fees. When I reversed, I backdated the change; but I thought I’d better chat it out with one of their representatives.

She understood that I was afraid I was going to have to pay change fees but no – it was ok because I had backdated.

I know how these help desks work. Most are not going to offer you ways to save money; so I asked – “Can you look at my usage and tell me if this is the best plan?” Turns out I could be getting MUCH better service for less. With the new plans we can even use our phones as hotspots; a feature savvier cellfolk already provide.

Thanks for (finally) getting on board Verizon; but shame on you for making the plan information SO FRIGGING HARD TO FIND.

Last but not least, the worst on my short list. But again, the only game in town for internet.


Internet is worth $40 to $50 a month, but I was paying an extra $50/month for a TV package. I got pissed off and quit cable TV – only to find I could still watch the main local programs! When a tech came out to disconnect outside, there was a bit of wink/wink. That was great. I felt like I was getting away with something.

Well, of course, Comcast knew some of us were getting it for free so they took it away. I have to say, SW Florida is not a good place to be without TV news; especially during hurricane season.

Months ago I researched other options and found Mohu – an American made (!!) antenna. It was about $40, easy to put up (it goes on the interior of an exterior wall) and I get THREE PBS STATIONS! Plus most of the others. What could be better – smart programs and smart savings!

My Mohu is saving me about $600+/year. http://www.gomohu.com/

Do I miss my Comcast cable TV? Nope. 


  • AARP – the lesson there is don’t automatically trust an established name to promote “services” that are in your best interests.
  • Verizon – call them or chat online; ask them to analyze your plan.
  • Comcast – screw cable TV, consider a Mohu (or other) antenna.

I’m saving more than $1,200 a year by cancelling services like Delta Dental (total waste of money) and Comcast Cable (a luxury most of us don’t need) .

In all cases, we can beat organizations, communications and corporations by paying closer attention instead of higher fees!